I Do Love You
(S. Nachtsheim, 1977)
If you could watch me go to sleep, you would hear me cryin',
If you could watch me wake up, you would hear me sighimh'.
Sometimes I feel like I'm the loneliest boy on earth,
But for what it is worth: I do love you.

It's hard to understand why I can't be with you,
Especially when you told me that you loved me, too.
Why can't we stop that dream and let our fancy become real,
Yes, you know how I feel: I do love you.

We could be happy, baby, just you and me,
Together we could climb the highest mountaiun,
S  wim the deepest seeŠ.
Togethetr we could turn day into night and night into day,
Drinking your water, baby, 's just like drinking wine.
If somebody hurts you, darling, I'll make you feel fine.
I love you so much, I can't find the words,
what more can I say.

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