Truth And Lies
(S. Nachtsheim, 1977)
I always thought that I was a loser,.
I always thought I'd never win.
From the minute that I started to crawl,
They too often sent me out, and too rarely let me in.
But there's something it's good for (I now understand),
You get to know the people and their minds
(look through them completely)
You find out, you got to be tough and you finally comprehend
The difference between their thruth and their lies.

I've been in trouble far too often,
And I always felt like I better quit.
Is this life worth living? I don't know,
I just gave it another try and I'm glad that I did.

And though your best friends may turn out to be no friends at all,
And though your plans may melt like ice in the sun.
(Don't know what to do),
Amd though the wind may be blowing into your face once more,
You better realize your life may just have begun.
Probemitschnitt 1978 oder 1979
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