You're A Must Have  (2016 - Gentle & Private Version)
Break My Neck (2016)
The Older We get, The Better We Were (2016)
Pot Luck (2016)
Just One Look (2016 - Private Version)
I Sure Could Do Without You (2017)
Just One Look (2017 - Public Version)
The Wild Hounds Of Passion (2017)
You Don't Have To Cry For Me (2017)
You're A Must-Have (2017 - Rough Version)
You Need Some Rock Sometimes, Too (2017)
Hens Night '668 (2017=
Gimme Your Dough! (2018)
Nothing's Easy Anymore (2018)
Life Is Like A Sewer (2018)
Tell Me Why
I've Changed For The Better
If The Phone Don't Ring (You''ll Know That It's Me)
Ain't Got Time (2019)
Just For The record (2019)
Magpie (2019)
Sweet Beauty (SUGAR DADDY's just another word for FOOL) 2020
Heck, I Was Just Dreaming
Let's Stay Home
Die Videos sind in der Reihenfolge ihres Erscheinens, alo beginnend mit dem Jahr 2016, sortiert.

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The videos are displayed in the order of their releases, thus starting with the year 2016.

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